July 24/25 Weekend Preview

Saturday 24th July - Grange v 1st XI

Just when you thought that you had seen everything that the game of cricket had to throw at you, something straight out of the Twilight Zone comes along to add to the aura that makes this game so wonderful. Yes it’s finally happened. A full strength Greenock side will travel to Edinburgh on Saturday to play a seriously under strength Grange team. You read it here first folks and no you couldn’t really make it up.

Notwithstanding the fact that The Stags will be short of Andy Wilson, Stuart Davidson, Gregor Maiden, Neil McCallum and Giles Holmes they will still pose a mighty threat as they attempt to get their season back on track following a number of recent defeats. Captain Patel can still call upon the services of Powell, Coles and Smith so despite the missing bodies it’s still a good unit. Those reversals have not been sufficient to remove the Raeburn Place side from the pinnacle of the league but slowly and surely the chasing pack has smelt blood and closed in waiting to pounce on any further setbacks.

Even though more than half the season has already been completed and just to prove that Bankers Bonuses are definitely back, if they ever really went away, Grange have just recruited a new overseas professional 21 year old South African Roy Adams to bolster their charge for league supremacy for the remainder of the season. With no Sky money and no automatic entry into the group stages of the Champions League guaranteed for league success it must just be the very thought of those uppity kids down at Myreside lifting the title which has shaken the gins and tonic denizens down at The Grange to the core.

Greenock skipper Kevin McLaren on the other hand must feel like his recurring nightmare has finally morphed into a pleasant dream as for the first time this season he can select from virtually a full squad. Back comes Prabhu and Rowan who were badly missed in recent weeks and this adds a balance to the side which will give the visiting supporters an air of some optimism. Bellwood, Berrington and Rowan will spearhead the attack whilst McLaren, Wylie and Hempsey will provide the necessary backup. With the bat Greenock will be hoping that all of the recent 20s, 30s and 40s turn into 60s, 70s and 80s as despite the recent rain the wicket should be pretty true and firm.

Spirit remains upbeat within the squad and the guys worked hard in training this week. With the weather set fair it should be a more even contest although as previously stated it’s a funny old game. Over to you guys.

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Saturday 24th July - Glenpark XI v Active Life

The Glenpark XI are at home this weekend which is probably just as well as they don't seem to prosper when on their travels. Visitors this time are Active Life. The first game this season against them was called off in bizarre circumstances when the caretaker at Springburn Park announced that all the park's facilities would be closed immediately after tea. At least that is a problem that won't occur this weekend. A win for the locals is absolutely imperative.

Sunday 25th July - Hillend XI v Prestwick

The Hillend XI have not played much cricket this season, for various reasons. They will therefore be very keen to get on to the field on Sunday when Prestwick come visiting.