Facilities improvements at Glenpark

Members will be pleased to know that since the beginning of April a couple of significant improvements to facilities at Glenpark have been completed.

Cricket playing facilities have made better by the installation of new sightscreens at both the Fox Street and Bedford Street ends of the ground. They have been put in place after a great deal of thought, planning and procurement of fittings. These new sightscreens are the work of Gilmour Andrew and Roger Hardie and have enhanced the appearance of the ground on match days.

A brand new shower room facility has been completed in the upstairs area above the away changing room. This work has been done primarily to provide a facility for female members. As an integral part of this work, major plumbing improvements have been completed with significant new piping, a new boiler and two new large water tanks installed. Members may already have recognised a very noticeable difference to the heating system in the clubhouse. The main contractor for the project was Mach3 a local company based in Caledonia Crescent in Gourock.

Greenock Cricket Club very much appreciates the sizeable grant from Inverclyde Council which assisted with the financing of the work, along with significant funding from our own Glenpark Supporters Prize Draw (GSPD). Glenpark House Convener, Gilmour Andrews, is to be congratulated for overseeing the project from its inception to completion and Colin McDougall similarly congratulated for the compilation and submission of the grant application which made the project possible.

Members are encouraged to take time to view the new shower area facility when next at the Club.

The Club committee is now actively planning further projects to enhance facilities at Glenpark and appreciate the opportunity to do so being made possible through the funds being generated by GSPD. Members and friends not yet signed up for GSPD can do so by contacting either Brian Papworth or Peter Hempsey at the numbers or email addresses as listed here.