About Greenock Cricket Club


GREENOCK CRICKET CLUB exists to encourage, foster and develop the sports of cricket and squash throughout the Inverclyde area and promotes and organises the participation in these sports by the youth of the area. It seeks to maintain the traditions of the Club that have been developed since its inception in 1862. It is a truly open Club and operates regardless of sex, age, religion, disability, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation. The Club's Equality Policy can be viewed here.

It has had a long and distinguished history as one of the foremost clubs in Scotland, and in that time has won many honours both in the West of Scotland and latterly, since the introduction of national cricket, within the whole of Scotland.

Currently, three Senior teams are fielded. The 1st XI plays on a Saturday in the Premier Division of the WDCU CSL League. It also takes part in the Scottish Cup which is played on a Sunday as a straight knock-out Cup. In addition, there are midweek evening T20 fixtures in the Rowan Cup and the McCulloch (West League) Cup.

The 2nd, or Glenpark, XI also play on a Saturday in the Fourth Division of the WDCU. There are also cup games in the Western Cup, which are played in midweek.

The 3rd XI is viewed as a development team and plays friendly games on a Sunday under the name of Hillend. The latter was a long-established junior team in Greenock which has decided to join Greenock in an attempt to keep the name of Hillend alive.

The Club has a flourishing Junior section. Teams are fielded in the Under-12 (softball), Under-12 (hardball), Under-14 and Under-16 leagues of the Western District Junior Cricket Union. Younger children learn the rudiments of the game by playing Kwik Cricket, participating in the Club's Sunday Festival Brunch Programme and festivals within the west of Scotland. Weekly practice sessions are held for the Juniors on Wednesday evenings. More information on the section can be found here.

As well as cricket, the Club has a squash court which is open to members for a small addition to the ordinary membership.

An multi-purpose games area (MUGA) has been installed between the Squash Court and the 'Terris' garden and is suitable for training for many types of sport. The area will be floodlit to allow it to be used up to 9pm on winter evenings.

As a result of this sporting activity, the Club is open 365 days a year and there is a strong and active social section which enjoys the benefits of a small but friendly Clubhouse and bar, staffed by the Club Manager, Andy Irvine, and his team of paid and volunteer bar helpers.

On a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon, there is no better place to come and watch cricket whilst sipping a cool beer than at the 'Bottom Wall', the area of the ground which directly faces the clubhouse. Many an unsuspecting white body has been turned a redder shade of lobster by the rays of the sun reflecting off the whitewashed walls!

Membership is open to all age groups. Anyone wishing to play cricket will pay £198 per year, whilst a reduced rate is applicable for anyone under the age of 21 or a full-time student. Social members pay £96 per year. Payment may be made by monthly instalments as well as by a lump sum. Anyone interested in joining should contact the Secretary.