History Articles - 2020

With no live cricket to report on in 2020, it has been felt that it is a good time to reflect on the history of the Club. Over the years since it was founded in 1862, there have been games played that were highlights in the Club's history either because of outstanding individual performances or because they brought success to the Club or were simply important steps in the progress of the Club.  Such games might be of interest to members and supporters alike. A brief article was published each Friday which highlighted one specific game played on or around the same date. These are listed below and can be accessed by clicking on the heading of each article or the link contained within each summary.

DW Leitch takes all ten wickets in 1889 (June 12th)

131 years ago to the day, the only recorded instance of a Greenock 1st XI player taking all ten wickets in an innings occurred at Maryhill Barracks during a friendly between Greenock and Lancashire Fusiliers. That player was DW Leitch and his achievement is detailed in this article.

First win at Raeburn Place in 1923 (June 5th)

Annual friendlies against one of the leading clubs in Scotland, Grange of Edinburgh, started in 1893, played alternately at Glenpark and Raeburn Place, right up to 1955. While results at Glenpark were well balanced, that was not the case in Edinburgh, that is until 9th June 1923, when the first win at Grange's home ground was achieved. And a resounding success it was too, as can be read in this article.

West defeated as Greenock speed to Union title in 1952 (May 29th)

A match played on Saturday 31st May 1952 at Hamilton Crescent against West of Scotland was an example of how a young team, bolstered by one of the Club's most successful professionals in ex-county player, Ted Whitfield, romped to the Western Union title by over 24 percentage points. A report on this match, which resulted in a comfortable win for Greenock, can be read in this article.

Dramatic finish with Uddingston in 1931 (May 22nd)

There was a dramatic finish to the match at Glenpark with Uddingston which was played on 23rd May 1931. These two clubs had a fierce rivalry in the years between the wars and this match was a prime example of the tussles between them. A report on the match can be read in this article.

First West League Cup game in 1951 (May 15th)

The first match played by the Club in the West League Cup competition was played at Whitehaugh against Kelburne on Tuesday 15th May 1951 and resulted in a defeat by 12 runs. A report on the match together with a brief appreciation of the Man of the Match, ex-Greenock professional Bert Tobin, can be read in this article.

Opening of the Clubhouse in 1923 (May 8th)

The official opening of the present clubhouse took place on Saturday 5th May 1923. While many changes have been made to the clubhouse since then, both inside and out, the basic structure remains.

The official opening was carried out by JK Ballantyne, who was the President of the Scottish Cricket Union at the time, during the lunch interval of the match against an eleven captained by him which was played to celebrate the opening of the clubhouse. A report of the match, together with a description of the new clubhouse that was published in the Greenock Telegraph on the day, can be read in this article.

First competitive game after World War One in 1920 (May 1st)

The first competitive game played by the Club after the First World War was against Drumpellier at Glenpark on May 1st 1920, exactly 100 years ago. A run-fest it was not, as can be read in this article.