Player Sponsorship returns - to great acclaim

The Club's Player Sponsorship scheme has returned once again for the 2023 season and has gained support from thirty eight sponsors.

A special Player Sponsorship Night was held last Saturday evening (15th April) and attracted a very large turnout of players, members and sponsors.

During the evening, sponsors were invited to pick out a random numbered ball from 1 to 38 which was then their sponsor number. The sponsor was then asked to tap a virtual roulette wheel which rotated on the screen in the lounge area to reveal which sponsor would be next to pick out a numbered ball.

The process kept the large gathering in the bar area interested and noisy throughout and once all the sponsors had a number they were matched against a previously arranged list of players who each had a number assigned to them.

Sponsors will have the opportunity to benefit from a number of incentives depending on the success of their associated player in scoring runs, taking wickets or holding on to catches during the season.

The loudest cheer of the night was reserved for Shailesh Prabhu (as a sponsor) who drew out the Club's new pro Rahul Dalal !!

Congratulations to organisers Sam Sanghera, Emily Norris and Jack Hutchinson and thanks also to others who assisted on Saturday evening, Rod Mountford and Colin McDougall. Special thanks to Bar Manager, Lynn Cole, who was a driving force in encouraging many of the sponsors to part with their money !

Mention must also be made of Angela Prabhu for taking the photographs of all the players and Shailesh Prabhu and Chris Hempsey for all their work in obtaining the new coloured clothing playing kit and the new stumps.

The full list of Sponsors and their Allocated Players is as follows.

Sponsor Number Allocated Player
Angela Prabhu 04 Dave Sharma
Alan MacLean 37 Tom Forrest
Alan Currie 17 Chris Hempsey
Alan Irvine 24 Hamidullah Safi
Alex Jasper 36 Overseas Amateur
Alex Wooler 08 Peter Robertson
Alex Lepick 32 Inamullah Khan
Ally Calder 30 Shailesh Prabhu
Calum Fischer-Keogh 14 PJ Bryceland
Charlie & Alice Loftus 19 Liam McCahill
Colin & Carol McCahill 22 Ciaran Prabhu
Colin & Julie Lochhead 25 Cameron Calder
Colin McDougall 29 Uday Varma
Dave Sharma 15 Peter Hempsey
David Glancy 18 Lukas Fischer-Keogh
Dawn Thomson 26 Aryan Sanghera
Emma Norris 09 Jonathan Hempsey
Gilmour Andrew 35 Asad Farooq
Iain Robertson 23 Sudeep Chaudhary
Iain Scott 31 Tom Polkinghorne
Jim & Ferdi 16 Ewan Stewart
Jimmy Lepick 34 Usman Mansoor
John McDougall 20 Greg McDougall
John Riggans 21 Eddie Ahmad
John Semple 01 Harry Briggs
Mark & Tracy Farrell 12 Rod Mountford
Martin & Jo McNab 05 Jack Hutchinson
Paddy Bryceland 33 Gregor Chambers
Peter & Mary Hempsey 11 Jamie Nowell
Peter Robertson 07 Emily Norris
Robbie Henderson 06 Andy Fielding
Roger Hardie 28 Muhibullah Ahmadzai
Scott Forrest 38 Sahil Safi
Shailesh Prabhu 02 Rahul Dalal
Stewart & Isobel Robinson 27 Chirag Pandher
Susan Hempsey 03 Adnan Afzal
Tom Neill 13 Sam Sanghera
Tom Ward 10 Nagendra Nagaraju