Cliftonville v Greenock 1st XI

Cliftonville         Wednesday 8th July 1936
Cliftonville defeated Greenock 1st XI by 21 runs
Cliftonville Innings
WL Maclay lbw b Tough 2
FG Bonham st Sinclair b Tough 8
JH Bennett   b Hollingdale 4
TB Shaw   b Hollingdale 1
R Montgomery   b Hollingdale 2
A Lowe   b Hollingdale 9
CG Oakes c Adam b Tough 5
T Munroe lbw b Hollingdale 8
SG McComb   b Hollingdale 3
N Beattie   b Hollingdale 16
W Little not out 11
Extras     2
TOTAL      71 all out
Bowler O M R W   Fall of Wickets
Hollingdale     23 7    
GH Tough     46 3    
Greenock 1st XI Innings
TC Riddell   b Montgomery 8
RD Allan c McComb b Bennett 10
JM Sinclair c and b Montgomery 11
DR McPherson   b Montgomery 0
Hollingdale   b Montgomery 8
A Neill   b Bennett 3
GH Tough c McComb b Montgomery 4
AG Graham   b Bennett 0
RN Adam c Beattie b Montgomery 2
WL Gatherer   b Montgomery 1
N St C Mackay not out 0
Extras     3
TOTAL        50 all out
Bowler O M R W   Fall of Wickets
R Montgomery     31 7    
JH Bennett     16 3