Clydesdale v Greenock 1st XI

Western Union
Titwood         Saturday 24th August 1946
Greenock 1st XI defeated Clydesdale by 7 wickets
Clydesdale Innings
J Ferguson   b Menzies 11
GM Clark   b Tobin 2
WFM Webster c and b Tobin 2
WA Edward c Agnew b Menzies 3
D Britton   b Menzies 8
TF Anderson c Agnew b Menzies 0
GGP Gardiner   b Menzies 0
JJC Birnie c Tough b Tobin 0
GS Macara c Kerr b Tobin 1
JSM Renfrew not out 8
IWG McPhie   b Tobin 1
Extras     7
TOTAL      43 all out
Bowler O M R W   Fall of Wickets
BJ Tobin     13 5    
J Menzies     23 5    
Greenock 1st XI Innings
BJ Tobin   b Anderson 20
JM Agnew not out 34
WR Kerr   b Edward 1
DW Drummond c Renfrew b McPhie 2
AW Mackay not out 11
A Neill      
JS Drummond      
JPT Thomson      
AG Graham      
GH Tough      
J Menzies      
Extras     1
TOTAL        69 for 3
Bowler O M R W   Fall of Wickets
TF Anderson     13 1    
WA Edward     18 1    
IWG McPhie     26 1