Clydesdale v Greenock 1st XI

West League Cup (semi-final)
Titwood         Wednesday 30th June 1959
Greenock 1st XI defeated Clydesdale by 2 wickets
Clydesdale Innings
H Barrie   b Gray 9
AC Bailey c Duthie b Gilliland 11
M Siddique lbw b Gray 8
TM Wright st Smith b Gilliland 24
JB Roberts st Smith b Gilliland 24
A Rait run out 2
BK Harrison   b Gray 8
WA Lockhart   b Gray 1
II Paton c Campbell b Gray 0
JAH Aitken   b Gray 4
JM Miller not out 4
Extras     10
TOTAL     18 overs 105 all out
Bowler O M R W   Fall of Wickets
I Gilliland 9 0 56 3    
JB Gray 8.3 0 39 6    
Greenock 1st XI Innings
DM Galbreath lbw b Paton 13
RG Duthie run out 29
JB Gray   b Roberts 12
CL Proverbs c rait b Roberts 7
EHM McQuat   b Wright 5
JW Cook not out 14
TR Irvine   b Roberts 3
I Gilliland c and b Roberts 4
PG Smith st Aitken b Roberts 1
IB Campbell not out 2
DW Drummond
Extras     16
TOTAL        106 for 8
Bowler O M R W   Fall of Wickets
JB Roberts     32 5