West Lothian v Greenock 1st XI

Boghall         Sunday 21st June 1970
Greenock 1st XI defeated West Lothian by 129 runs
Greenock 1st XI Innings
WD Rees   b Kerr 1
BJS Lang c and b Bannerman 14
RC Hardie   b Bannerman 60
LC Mayne   b Bannerman 22
FB Campbell run out 57
RA Proverbs c and b Raeburn 0
PG Smith not out 9
IM Banks not out 0
BD Papworth      
A Miller      
Extras     13
TOTAL      176 for 6
Bowler O M R W   Fall of Wickets
GM Bannerman     58 3    
A Kerr     14 1    
J Raeburn     29 1    
West Lothian Innings
V Harris   b Mayne 3
D Cook   b Mayne 6
R Steel   b Mayne 9
DCC Ford   b Mayne 14
J Shanks c Smith b Miller 5
J Raeburn c Smith b Miller 0
GM Bannerman c Smith b Mayne 0
C Gait c Proverbs b Papworth 4
D Porteous c and b Papworth 4
G Forbes c Rees b Miller 0
A Kerr not out 0
Extras     2
TOTAL      47 all out
Bowler O M R W   Fall of Wickets
LC Mayne     11 5    
A Miller     5 3    
BD Papworth     6 2