Under-11s just miss out at Meikleriggs

Ferguslie Under-11 XI v Greenock Under-11 XI

With a number of last weeks big hitters unavailable through other extra curricular commitments, it was a terrific opportunity to draft in some enthusiastic new blood. Ferguslie batted first and threw Greenock's scorer into disarray requesting that they bat 5 pairs at 4 overs each. Would his unique scorebook cope?

Opening bowlers David McQuat (2 for 11) and Jack Currie (1 for 48) restricted Ferguslie to 16 runs off the first 4 overs. It was pleasing to see the extras count kept to a minimum. Jack's bowling figures were adversely affected by an excellent batting performance from Ferguslie’s T. Ahmed (35) later in the game.

First wicket of the match was taken by Tom Forrest (1 for 6) and with a wicket for Jonny Murray (1 for 18) in the next over meant only 5 runs were added to the Home Team's total. Euan Ferguson (4 for 9) was in sparkling form with two wickets off his first over, one thanks to a terrific catch from rookie Wicketkeeper Matthew Irwin.

First Baljeevan Bopari and then Jack McAuley stepped up for duty and they will both have benefited from experiencing bowling in a competitive environment. There was some excellent fielding, including run outs at both ends from two very good throws from Jonny Murray. The last pair were both able batsmen and between them nearly doubled the Ferguslie total. They would have achieved this had it not been for a superb catch on the boundary from Jack Currie off David's bowling. Extras accounted for 37 runs with Ferguslie finishing on 324 for 9 (Net 279).

This target was a big challenge for Greenock but opener Jonny Murray marched out with great intent and with a dry outfield and some nicely played shots landed a couple of quick boundaries. Baljeevan Bopari faced some terrific bowling but protected his wicket very well. Without loss the opening pair gave the visitors a promising start of 29 runs with Jonny finishing on 20

The two Jacks were up next and responsible for the biggest contraversy of the night! Was that scorebook holding up? Both scorers agreed a partnership score for the 4 overs of 43 runs with Jack McAuley contributing well to this total. Jack Currie will be delighted to learn that a single run and a boundary had been missed from the Batsmen Runs Scored in the Greenock book, giving him a corrected total of 28.

David McQuat and Matthew Irwin batted overs 11-15 and they faced some very efficient bowling restricting their total to 19 runs.

With Greenock lying 3 runs short of their target with 5 overs to go Euan Ferguson and Tom Forrest were to face an onslaught of attacking bowling. Both batsmen were in fighting form and never gave up. A thin edge from Tom raced for 4 to put Greenock in front and the biggest cheer of the night. Unfortunately the bowling proved to be too much and with a couple of wickets to follow the lead slipped away.

At the end of a very exciting match Greenock finished on 306 for 7 (Net 271).